Meet The Chompers!

Oli "The Crusher"

Oli spent two months at BARC animal shelter in Houston, TX before his brindled heart stole mine. He was my first dog, a one and a half year old pit mix, and at 2 days away from being euthanized, I got him for $20.

Oli is a heavy, slow chewer - a back of the mouth, molar grinding, I-will-fall-asleep-before-I-ever-quit consumer. He has an affinity for squishy, rubber toys, for balls, and for toys that break or snap. He is pretty good at only eating things he is supposed to, and will often leave remnants of destroyed toys all across the floor. 

Favorite Toy: Medium Rubber Chuck-It Balls (but only the orange and blue rubber ones)


Harper "The Shredder"

I found Harper at the SPCA in Houston a year after I got Oli.  I had stopped in to "learn" about fostering - and ended up leaving with the cutest 3 month old puppy I had ever seen. Harper can be nervous and hyperactive - but she lives to love, cuddle, and give kisses. Her tail never stops wagging, and I swear she thinks she is a 5lb lap dog.

Harper loves to SHRED. She loves anything she can tear and rip into tiny little pieces with her front teeth - towels, blankets, shoes, ropes, pillows, and especially plush toys. She also eats it ALL.

Favorite Toy: Any kind of stuffed toy - especially with squeakers.