When you have a large dog, everything seems more expensive. From food, vet bills, and boarding - to the massive amounts of toys and treats that seem to disappear within minutes before your eyes.

Too often, I found myself staring down the toy aisle or browsing online, looking at $20-$30 products, wanting to get my beloved fur babies something they can enjoy. But how "tough" is that toy really? How quickly will they eat that $12 bone? What does it smell like? Is it really safe?

Thus, Chomped was created - so people can actually see how that toy or treat will perform in the hands of my two, big, beautiful, Chompers. 

We buy, test and review large dog consumables, so you don't have to. 

Because different things are important to difference people, we review items on 7 pieces of criteria:

  1. Cost - Cha-Ching!
  2. Chompability: Cost divided by Average Destruction Time ($/minute!)
  3. Mess Factor - How slimey or gooey is the treat? Does it leave tiny strings and fuzzies everywhere? Can it stain your carpet or rug? Do you have to wash your dog's paws afterwards?
  4. Smell Factor - Should this be an "outdoor only" treat? How bad is it really? Does it leave any remaining odor? 
  5. Safety Factor - Is there a choking hazard? Does it require supervision? Does it break apart or splinter? Are there any potentially dangerous effects once digested? 
  6. Health and Nutrition Factor - What do the ingredients look like? Do we know what they are / where they came from?
  7. Ethics / Brand - What is the brand about? Do they care about the health of your pet? How do they source their ingredients? Do they support local shelters or donate to any charities?

We also test with two completely types of Chompers. Oliver is a hard chewer - a crusher - slow, hard pressure and grinding is his method. Harper on the other hand, is a sharp chewer - a shredder - who loves to rip, tear, and peel toys apart. This helps us get a balanced assessment for each product we review.

If you like what we're doing, or any of the products we review, please consider purchasing them using one of our affiliate links. This helps us earn a little bit of money (so we can keep buying and reviewing awesome products), at no extra cost to you. And as always, when reading and watching reviews, please use your best judgment for your own individual pets - just because we did or didn't like a product, does not mean it will be the same for you and your pet. For instance, I know I can trust that Oli will not eat things he isn't supposed to - but Harper, I know I have to keep an extra eye on (as she's already completely eaten several shoes and belts).

We will be producing more and more content each week, and have some pretty exciting ideas we hope to implement in the future.

We would love for you to subscribe and join us on our Chomping journey!